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Wooded Townhouse Community in Reston, Virginia
Social Groups
The Glencourse cluster offers several social groups for residents that allow those with common interests and experiences to come together in a friendly, social manner to share ideas, advice and tips that may help others.

The Glencourse Mom's group is a forum for Glencourse cluster mommas to talk, coordinate, swap tips, share hand-me-downs, and generally help each other out.  Interested moms in our community are invited to visit the Glencourse Cluster Moms group website to join the group.  

Future Mom's Group Events:
July- Glencourse Cluster Community Picnic (5 July)--See announcements!
September- Prepare bagged lunch for local homeless shelter
October- Haunted Halloween Trail
November- Glencourse Food Drive and Winter Coat Donation
December- Kids Caroling
The website is

The Glencourse Man Cave is a forum for men within the Glencourse cluster community to meet, share ideas and enjoy common interests together on a variety of topics including home projects, sports, hobbies and other areas of interest.  Individuals interested in joining the group should visit the website at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/glencourse-man-cave.

Possible Future Projects: Design and create Glencourse Cluster entrance sign

Anyone interested in forming and leading a social group should contact the Glencourse Cluster board at Glencourse.Board@verizon.net or attend a cluster meeting.

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