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These rules and regulations are intended are to supplement and not to supersede existing covenants of Reston Association and Glencourse Cluster Association affecting Glencourse Cluster.  Should any of these rules and regulations conflict with covenants of Glencourse Cluster Association or Reston Association affecting Glencourse Cluster, the covenants shall be controlling and shall prevail.

This resolution shall become effective 30 days from the date of its adoption identified below.  Date: February 1, 1998.

WHEREAS, Article 2 (b) of the Articles of Incorporation of Glencourse Cluster Association (hereinafter “Association”) provides for the Association to do any and all lawful act which may be deemed to be for the benefit of the property constituting Glencourse Cluster; and

WHEREAS, Article VII, Section VII.1 (a) of the Deed of Amendment to the Deed of Dedication to Reston identifies purposes of a cluster association to include maintaining the Cluster common area and promoting the health, comfort and general welfare of owners and occupants of a cluster; and

WHEREAS, Article VII, Section VII.2 (b)(1) of the Deed of Amendment to the Deed of Dedication to Reston provides that the right of enjoyment of cluster members is subject to the cluster Board of Directors, after notice and a hearing, establishing reasonable rules of use.

WHEREAS, Article 4 of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation and Article IV, Section 1 of the Bylaws vest management of the affairs of the Association with the directors; and

WHEREAS, Virginia Code Section 55-513A.  (Of the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act) provides that the Board of Directors of a property owners’ association shall have the power to establish, adopt, and enforce rules and regulations with respect to use of the common areas and with respect to other areas of responsibility assigned to the association by the declaration; it is hereby

RESOLVED, that the following rules and regulations shall be applicable to owners and residents of Glencourse Cluster, and to visitors and anyone present at Glencourse Cluster or using its common area.

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