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Trash/Yard Waste Collection: Mondays/Thursdays (Thursdays Bulk Pick-up)
Recycling Collection: Wednesdays

Garbage, recyclables, and yard debris are to be placed on the curb no earlier than dusk the night before regularly scheduled collection days.

Residents shall not dispose of yard debris in the woods surrounding Glencourse Cluster.

Garbage is to be placed in plastic bags and stored in closed containers.

Garbage cans and recycling bins are to be taken in as soon as possible after trash is collected, no later than 9:00 pm the day of collection.

Garbage cans/recycling bins are to be stored out of sight from the street, either in a properly concealed area or in the rear yard; they are not to be stored on a front porch or stoop.

Residents who miss the regularly scheduled collection should properly store garbage until the next collection day.  In such instances, uncollected garbage is not to be left on or at the street.

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