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Update (6/2/2015): Last year, DuPont approved removal of trees listed on Table 1 (Priority 1). DuPont's tree service, Davey compay, remove Priority 1 trees in December 2014 and April 2015.  Replacement of many of the trees will be in coordination with the Master Landscaping Plan.  Additionally, the cluster received an additional $92k in April 2015 as part of a second resolution agreement to remove and maintain the remaining affected trees. 

The Glencourse Cluster board was informed of the negative impact of the use of Imprelis® (an herbicide developed by DuPont™ for weed control) around 2011 or so by our landscape service.  Specifically, we were informed that specific trees (including white pines) might show the effects after application of this product.  Unfortunately, various trees showed negative impacts included stunted growth and noticeable distress.  As a result, the board requested for several different arborists from unrelated firms to come through and perform a comprehensive tree assessment of the common areas where Imprelis
® was applied.  Their findings indicated that there were trees negatively affected by Imprelis®.  The guidance we were provided was to monitor these trees to see if they might recover from the affects of Imprelis® over the course of the following year.

Due to the prospect that there might possibly be many trees that might not recover from 
Imprelis®, resulting in costly and extensive tree removal (including affected soil) on our common areas, the Glencourse Cluster board decided to join in the class action suit against DuPont™ to address this issue.  In 2013, as a result of our participation, DuPont™ provided a settlement to the cluster in excess of $300,000 (which was applied to our asphalt and concrete replacement project).  At this time, the affected trees have continually been monitored by arborists at our landscape and tree service firms.

Unfortunately, there still remains more work to be done as we have a number of trees that need to be removed.  Based on our agreement with Dupont
™, the removal of any of these trees impacted by Imprelis® needs to be done incoordination with Dupont.  As such, the Glencourse Cluster board will need to work with Dupont™, the Reston Association and our landscape and tree service firms to ensure each tree will be removed appropriately and there is a master tree replacement plan in place to address these removals. 

For additional details regarding
Imprelis®, please visit the following website:

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